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Helpful Ideas for Picking Baby Names:

  1. Choose the right Baby Name for your child!
    Don't feel that you have to stick with family tradition when choosing the right baby name. If you really like a certain baby name, use it. Once your baby is born that name will be with them forever. So why would you settle for just any name.

  2. Think of your child's future.
    Don't mark your child with a name that will haunt him or her for the rest of their life. Many children are picked upon at school and the rest of their lives because of their name. It's important that you have a list of baby names for your newborn.

  3. The initials can be devastating by themselves.
    Make sure the first initials of the first, middle and last name do not spell anything undesirable. There are times that initials alone are required through life and having initials that spell obscene words can be very embarrassing. Most people do not look at the initials when making their baby name choices. That's why Baby Name Guide includes the initials as part of the baby names favorites list.

  4. Keep your family member's names in the forefront of your mind.
    You may want to name your child after a grandparent, parent or other family member. Maybe that's tradition and you want to keep that tradition. That's fine, but first make sure a cousin, nephew or other family member is not using the name. It can be very confusing for everyone if there are two people in a family with the exact same name.

    Ask around the family to make sure other relatives are not considering the same name. Other family members may have a special bond with a grandparent or relative and they are saving that name for their child. Work with them to create a variant name for their child or yours. Be mindful of other family members.

  5. Consider your ethnic background when choosing baby names.
    Be proud of your heritage by using a name that is part of your ethnic history. Baby Name Guide separates its database into 21 nationality categories. Each category is carefully created to represent the most common names used for that nationality. You can also do a quick search by origin.

  6. Don't be too creative with your child's name.
    Being unique is sometime confusing. If you are thinking of an alternative spelling for a name make sure that name exists. Your child will always have people spelling her or his name wrong if their name is not in the normal realm of thinking. It will also be impossible to buy any name-associated product for your child including toys, ornaments and jewelry. You would have to have it personalized, which may mean more money and time. Example: Variations of Gary can be spelled Garry, not Gari.

  7. Make the middle name something special.
    Be more creative on the middle name. Use a name that may not work as the first name. This maybe the perfect spot for a relatives name. Have fun with the middle name.
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