10 Reasons to Use Baby Name Guide for Baby Names

At BabyNameGuide.com we offer our visitors many different tools. The main purpose of the site is to give new and expecting parents baby name choices that will help them decide on a baby name for their new child. We have over 20 thousand baby names for expecting parents to choose from, these names are broken down into 37 different categories, ranging from Irish baby names to Hawaiian baby names. We are rank #1 in Google on 13 of those categories, and are on the first page of Google on 30 out of 37 baby name categories.

We offer unique search engines for our visitors. Random search, morph search, phonetic search and advance search are the main tools of the site. Visitors can save their baby name choices in their on personal favorites list. We also offer a blog for our visitors that give many insights to parenting, plus answers to questions visitors may have about baby names.

Other tools include... baby naming tips, baby name poll, audio pronunciation for baby names, a baby name game, top 100 baby names, Live List of 100 names and a daily top 10.

BabyNameGuide.com visitors spend over 6 minutes on average on our site, and view over 20 pages per visit. Not many sites can say this. BabyNameGuide.com is ranked among one of the best baby naming sites on the Internet with articles appearing on MTV.com, as well as other hip and younger demo graphical websites. We've also appeared in many newspapers, radio stations and on countless other websites

1. Large Variety of Baby Names: Click Here

BabyNameGuide.com has a lot of baby names to choose from, over 20,000 to be exact. In the next few months we will be adding Polish Baby Names and Celebrity Baby Names. Our baby names run from a SQL Windows Server, which makes searching baby names on our website is extremely fast.

2. Organized Categories: Click Here

Baby Name Guide's database lists entries in order by organized categories listing Name, Gender, Meaning and Origin. Along with these listings there is a save to favorites column. Don't know how to spell the name, just enter the first few initials of the baby name.

3. Versatile Favorites List: Click Here

We have the most useful "favorites list" with many features that include...

4. Random Search: Click Here

If your feeling lucking and are the type of person that takes chances than this search is for you. Or you can just have a fun time just searching for baby names using this feature.

5. Advanced Search: Click Here

Narrow your search with this Advanced Search Tool for finding that special name for your new baby. Choose the gender, origin (88) and the letter that the name starts with and this search will do the rest.

6. Phonetics Search: Click Here

Simply type in both your first name and your spouse's first name and this search will look for baby names that use the phonetics sound basics. This search combines both names & looks for phonetic equivalents.

7. Morph Search: Click Here

This search combines the letters from both parent's names then searches for baby names using only those letters. Our Morph Search is a great way to search baby names that are made just for you and your spouse.  Why spend money on baby name services when our Morph Search gives you plenty of great baby names to choose from.

8. The Official Top 100 Baby Names: Click Here

Find out what the top 100 baby names are for the past year. This is a great way to start searching for the perfect baby name for your child.

9. Other Valuable Site Features

Take a look around at the many features that Baby Name Guide offers. This section includes a Pregnancy Calculator, Astrological Calculator, Medical Summary Card, Pregnancy Planner and a Hospital Check List.


Unlike some sites or apps that charge for the features they offer, BabyNameGuide.com's services are always free.

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